Meet the Pair Behind the First Black Women-Owned Liqueur Brand in the U.S.

by Xara Aziz
Daphane Limoncello

The co-founders of Cashid Beverage Ltd Co are receiving praise after creating the first Black women-owned liqueur brand in the United States.

Taia Rashid and Daphane Carter now follow the ranks of other minority women-owned brands, including Theodora Lee’s Theopolis Vineyards and the Mcbride Sisters’ Black Girl Magic Wines, with their first-ever Daphane Limoncello, but what makes their drink different is that their liqueur are premium ready-to-drink spritzers and are handcrafted specifically with Meyer lemons, plus six times distilled from corn for an luxe taste.

Daphane is available in two sumptuous piquancy palettes: Limoncello and Raspberry Berrycello. Since launching the drinks, the co-founders were awarded Silver Medals at the 2023 Bartenders Spirit Awards, and the liqueur is now available to buy at stores nationwide, including the Cork & Barrel Club, Total Wine and Emolio’s.

“We are extremely pleased that our spirits performed so highly at the recent Bartenders Spirits Awards,” Rashid told Hype Magazine. “Winning this award is particularly important to us because it shows that we are making the types of spirits that spirits drinkers actually want to buy and enjoy.”

Carter and Rashid take pride in their status among the spirit business elite and have distinguishably taken their position as revolutionary Black women who are changing the game in diversity, distinction and superiority. The pair have also launched a lifestyle blog to support their brand titled, The Limoncello Life

Conceptualizing Daphane Limoncello took less than a year from inception to store shelves and comes after both Carter and Rashid left their high-profile careers to launch the business.

“As the brand seeks to cater to discerning tastemakers who cherish an ultra-luxury lifestyle, Carter and Rashid are redefining the luxe life as a harmonious life filled with fun, family, faith, and purpose,” reads a report in the publication. “Daphane Limoncello and Berrycello’s 2023 Bartender Spirits Award wins were especially meaningful for the new beverage company, as the awards recognize bartenders as the true influencers – their passions and tastes provide direction for the consumer, especially via their guidance with wine, beer, or spirit recommendations. Award winners were selected based on high marks for mixability, balance, versatility, taste, mouthfeel, finish, package and price.”

Learn more about Daphane Limoncello here.

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