Megan Thee Stallion Accused of Stealing Creative Director’s Concepts

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Megan Thee Stallion’s bold, cutting-edge style has helped to earn the star millions of admirers around the world.

But one creative director is now accusing the “Thot Sh*t” rapper and her team of stealing her lookss.

“I AM NOT DUMB OR A FOOL. I laid low for a while back in April for self healing (which the same time Megan took her break) and even blocked Megan and her team/hairstylist a while AGO because I noticed her team or HER not “giving zero f’s) and taking CONTENT, CREATIVE DIRECTION, & ARTWORK!” Aangel Simms wrote on social media.

She then shared a since-deleted collage of Meg’s most iconic looks. She says she did them all before the rapper.

“This is very HEARTBREAKING AND DISGUSTING COMING FROM another BLACK women… Life if your team trying switch ‘destiny & DNA’ just say that… but unfortunately GOD ONLY MADE 1 me & there can only be one me” she continued.

The designer says that Megan is not the only celebrity to steal from her and that lesser-known Black creatives are constantly having their work stolen by big stars.

“This is why a lot of smaller black creatives, designers, artists can’t get nowhere because we have teams like his in the industry that’s just super disrespectful.”

Thee Stallion has not yet responded to the allegations made.

Last summer, a designer named Aazhia came forward on Instagram to allege that the rapper used TLZ L’Femme dress design to create a dress for her line with FashionNova.

“IMA BREAK THIS DOWN REAL SIMPLE! MY DRESS WAS STOLEN AND USED IN THIS MEGAN X FN COLLAB! WAS I TOLD? NO! WAS I COMPENSATED? NO!” she wrote in the lengthy caption. She said that Meg’s team reached out to use the dress for an event.

“I’m very much so taken back by the lack of respect for another Black woman! There is this tired narrative that the Black woman is so disrespected, but we do it to each other!!!!!,” Aazhia added. “I get stepped on because I’m a ‘nobody’ but this shit would not have happened to [Rihanna] because there is a level of respect! Taken food out of child’s mouth is ok because I’m not on the same ‘level’ LOL! Y’all [are a] joke!”

The “Savage” rapper denied the allegations during an interview with “The Morning Hustle.”

“A lot of times, people say that they talked to somebody from my team. I don’t know what year that was, I don’t know who… what are you talking about? And a lot of times, they won’t even bring me… they don’t tell me who they talking to,” Meg said at the time. “If I’ve probably never heard of you, like I’ve never seen that dress before. But it’s been a dress that has been done a lot, like over the years. So I feel bad that people’s initial reaction would be to just come at me like, ‘Oh, you a Black woman! You’re stealing from Black women!’ And I’m like, ‘Damn, hold on, sis, ’cause like I don’t know you.'”

Earlier this year, during an interview with British Vogue, Meg said she goes out of her way to support Black women designers.

“I’ve definitely been into figuring out where all the Black-owned women clothing lines are,” she told the publication. “I’m always on Instagram trying to find the newest, up-and-coming Black woman designer. I’m a huge fan of Heather Sanders, I love Sorella boutique. I always order from there.”

She made headlines over the weekend when she called out frequent collaborator, DaBaby, for collaborating with her ex, Tory Lanez.

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