Megan Thee Stallion Tearfully Thanks Her Late Mother at 2021 BET Awards

by Shine My Crown Staff

Megan Thee Stallion fought back the tears as she accepted the Best Female Hip-Hop Artist award at the 2021 BET Awards Sunday night.

Meg thanked her mother, Holly Thomas, who passed away in 2019.

“I think highly of all the women nominated in this category. Everybody knows I am a girl’s girl, and I just want to say, thank you mama. Thank you mama for even putting it in me to want to be a female rapper and putting the work ethic inside of me and the drive and the push,” she said during her emotional speech.

“She can’t be here with me today, but I still think about her everyday and she is the reason why I keep going,” she added. “I just want to say thank you to all the women who support me, because it’s really appreciated.”

Before the touching shoutout to her mom, Meg thanked “W.A.P.” collaborator, Cardi B, for putting her on the track. The single topped charts and broke records worldwide.

“Now that my breath is caught and I can talk about it, I really forgot to say, thank you, Cardi, for even putting me on “W.A.P.” because to be acknowledged of one of my peers I think so highly of, I think highly of all the women nominated in this category,” she said.

Later that evening, Megan performed her current single, “Thot Sh*t.”

Like Cardi B, Megan has constantly come under scrutiny for her sexual lyrics and steamy performances. And also like Cardi, Meg is not backing down from her critics. In fact, the hate makes her go even harder.

“I’m really just talking sh*t and taking ownership of the words’ th*t’ and ‘h*e,'” Megan tweeted once the preview dropped on Twitter, “bc they’re not the drag the men think it is when trying to come at women for doing them.”

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