Michelle Obama Says She And Barack Obama Aren’t Always ‘Couple Goals’: “We’ve Made A Lot Of Mistakes”

by Grace Somes
Barack Obama and Michelle Obama || Image credit: @michelleobama

“I don’t want people looking at me and Barack like hashtag couple goals and not know that no, no, there are some broken things that happen even in the best of marriages,” Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama dispelled the myth that she and Barack Obama have a perfect relationship despite fans praising their romance.

The former first lady opened up about the ups and downs of her romance with her husband during the Monday, January 8, episode of the “On Purpose With Jay Shetty” podcast.

Michelle Obama met Barack Obama in 1989 at the Chicago law firm where they both worked. Even though Barack was quite popular around the office, the pair did not fall in love at first sight. After more than three decades together, Michelle married the former president in 1992

The Light We Carry author, who shares two daughters, Malia and Sasha, with Barack, noted that relationships are messy.

Michelle Obama revealed that despite the good times, there were times she said or did things that she wished she could take back.

“After 31 years, yeah, we still do (cross the line), but you know it quicker and then you apologize. You learn how to say my bad, right? That takes a second, right?

Harvard-educated lawyer spoke about sustaining her relationship with Barack after arguments and tough conversations. She noted that you will hit some natural and understandably rough patches in relationships, which may cause you to give up. 

“(During) year five, I might have had hurt feelings, and it would’ve taken days to rectify it. Year 30? It’s like, ‘Ah, there she goes again, or there he goes again.’

“I know how to talk to him about it and when because we’ve practiced it. We’ve made a lot of mistakes. We’ve gotten it wrong, and after 31 years, we’re getting better at it.”

The former Princeton University advised that you don’t quit when relationships get hard. You choose to figure it out, and you learn from it.

And that’s how to sustain a relationship!

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