Mrs. Netta Warns Saucy Santana & Critics To Back Off Her Relationship With Charles -“He’s Not Going Anywhere”

by Grace Somes
Mrs Netta and Saucy Santana || Image credit : @the1saucysantan @mrsnettaandcharles

The TikTok personality challenges Santana to a cook-off to stamp her dominance over her man!

Saucy Santana wants a piece of Charles, and Mrs. Netta would have none of his subtle ‘scheming’ moves. 

“Charles, your lunch is ready” is trending on TikTok as Mrs. Netta arms herself, ready to fight the American rapper over her boyfriend, Charles. 

Mrs. Netta started her journey to fame in 2021 with peeps noticing her skits with nosey neighbors and confrontations over her man.

But the fun began when the TikTok account emerged from hiatus in 2023 with her man, Charles. The duo was an instant hit, going viral in hours!

And with fame comes its tiny demons, including social media users spreading negativity

During one of their Live sessions, Mrs Netty addressed naysers who wanted to tell her how to run her business.

“Sweetheart, I ain’t trying to be disrespectful, but at the end of the day, this belongs to me. Y’all make comments, and y’all say things and stuff. I don’t tell anybody how to run their relationship, their boyfriend, their man, or whatever. So let me run mine that way I want to,” she began.

Mrs Netta continued, “He’s still here. He’s not going anywhere. I don’t care what anybody saying, like, ‘Oh, he’s going to leave you. And this and that.’ No, he not going to.”

Shortly after her stern warning to attackers, Saucy Santana got wind of TikTok’s ‘It’ couple and left a word for Mrs. Netty.

“I just found out about the lady, Ms Nella… Ms errr Nunella… whats her name? Girl, I just found out about Ms Netta and Charles. Girl, Charles is too fine. That man… Ms Netta, you better watch out,” the Walk Em Like A Dog rapper said in the short clip.

Unfortunately, the compliments just rubbed off Mrs Netty, who retorted with a warning and a challenge

“Let it go out to Saltine, Salsa, or whatever your name is… But you know who I am. I’m Mrs Netta. That’s my name. And I heard you were talking about my man. Talking about my man is all fine, and I need to watch him,” Mrs Netta fumed. “Alright then, how about I challenge you to a cookoff? How about that? And I might let you feed my man.”

Mrs. Netta and Charles’s latest shocker was an official full-length music video for their song, “Charles Your Lunch is Ready”. 

The YouTube video had almost 40k views in one day! 

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