Abril Giles: Meet The Young Herbalist Who Bought 87 Acres Of Land To Establish A Farm And Ecovillage

by Gee NY

Abril Giles, the visionary herbalist and owner of Beauty Herbs and Tea, has achieved a remarkable milestone by acquiring 87 acres of land in Georgia.

The acquisition signifies a significant leap forward in Giles’s mission to establish UNI-TEA Farms & Ecovillage, a project dedicated to sustainable living, education, and holistic well-being.

Giles’s journey towards this ambitious goal spans the last two years, reflecting her unwavering dedication to fostering a community centered around sustainable practices.

Initially delving into local farmer training programs, she honed her knowledge and skills, evolving from a novice farmer into the proud owner of Beauty Herbs and Tea and The Tea Business School.

The newly acquired land will serve as the nucleus for UNI-TEA Farms & Ecovillage, a multifaceted initiative where Giles aims to impart knowledge on sustainable living, food cultivation, and herbal identification.

Her diverse expertise extends beyond herbal formulations for mind-body-spirit balance, as she offers herbal retreats that provide insights into indigenous herbalism and culture.

Taking to social media to share her excitement, Giles highlighted the challenges and rewards of her journey. The ecovillage is set to provide ethically sourced herbs, retreats, and in-person courses on herbalism and farming.

Giles has collaborated with Seals Family Farm to manage operations and has launched a GoFundMe campaign to garner support for essential needs like supplies, infrastructure, land clearing, campsite construction, and general maintenance.

Beyond her role as a successful farmer and entrepreneur, Giles is paying it forward by offering a course on land acquisition, sharing her documented journey to inspire and guide aspiring farmers.

Her commitment to community development aligns with her broader vision of creating a positive impact through UNI-TEA Farms & Ecovillage.

As Giles continues to shape her dream into reality, the project stands as a testament to her dedication to sustainability, education, and holistic well-being.

UNI-TEA Farms & Ecovillage is poised to be a beacon of inspiration and a hub for fostering a harmonious and environmentally conscious community.

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