Naomi Campbell Responds to Anna Wintour’s Memo on Vogue’s Lack of Diversity

by Shine My Crown Staff

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has responded to Anna Wintour’s recent comments on Vogue’s lack of diversity.

In June, Wintour (the magazine’s editor-in-chief) emailed a memo to Vogue staffers, vowing to tackle the publication’s diversity issues both behind and in front of the camera.

“I want to start by acknowledging your feelings and expressing my empathy towards what so many of you are going through: sadness, hurt, and anger too.

“I want to say this especially to the Black members of our team — I can only imagine what these days have been like. But I also know that the hurt, and violence, and injustice we’re seeing and talking about have been around for a long time. Recognizing it and doing something about it is overdue.”

Wintour continued, “It can’t be easy to be a Black employee at Vogue, and there are too few of you. I know that it is not enough to say we will do better, but we will — and please know that I value your voices and responses as we move forward. I am listening and would like to hear your feedback and your advice if you would like to share either.”

The shift was sparked by the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests, which have precipitated changes across every fathomable industry.

Speaking on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Campbell reacted to Wintour’s remarks.

“I think things are about to change, don’t you?” Campell asked Cohen. “Things are about to change. Everyone used to think that you liked being the token Black person in the room,” she continued. “It’s absolutely the opposite. I never did.”

Campbell added, “The way that it’s had to come out, for people to lose their lives, it’s very sad and my condolences to each and every one of those victims, [and] parents of those people that have gone. But this had to happen. This change had to happen.”

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