Pet Monkey Shot Dead After Ripping Woman’s Ear Off, Pulling Out Her Hair, Then Slapping Man Across the Face

by Xara Aziz
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An Oklahoma woman has been left “traumatized” after a pet monkey tore her ear apart, yanked out her hair then “slapped a man across the face.”

The incident took place over the weekend when the monkey, named Jack, escaped from a home in a town called Dickson.

Brittany Parker had to undergo 187 stitches after she was left bloodied from the attack. She said she first spotted the primate on her front porch.

“He was lunging from one side of my porch and hitting the glass trying to get in,” Parker told Inside Edition.

She proceeded to call 911. When officers arrived, they found the monkey on the porch before jumping on the back of their vehicle, so they called the Oklahoma Wildlife Department for assistance.

Moments later, the pet hopped on the victim and began attacking her, police say.

“It ran up my back and jumped onto my head, pulled hair out, and then ripped my ear in half like you would a piece of paper,” Parker told news outlet KTEN.

The monkey then fled the scene and ran into a wooded area. Officers contacted the pet’s owners but they were unsuccessful in capturing the animal, officials say.

“After I had been attacked, the monkey went out to his vehicle and slapped him across the face and pulled his hair,” Parker told KTEN.

The man eventually shot and killed the monkey.

Police say the animal has been sent to a disease laboratory for testing. The investigation is ongoing.

“I am very traumatized. I am very scared,” Parker said.

Primates are classified as domestic animals in the state of Oklahoma, so owners are not required to secure a permit to domesticate them, according to KTEN.

The news comes on the same day Ohio deputies shot and killed a zebra after it nearly ripped off a 72-year-old man’s arm.

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