Pregnant Jess Hilarious Forced To Wait 3 Minutes For Paris Hilton To Finish In Bathroom

by Grace Somes
Jess Hilarious and Paris Hilton || Image credit: @jesshilarious_official @parishilton

During a recent event, comedian and actress Jess Hilarious found herself in an awkward situation when socialite Paris Hilton’s security guard refused to let her use the public bathroom because Hilton was inside one of the stalls.

Jess Hilarious, known for her sharp wit and humor, shared her experience on social media, transforming a personal frustration into a public debate.

According to her, her bladder needed release, but Paris Hilton’s security prevented her from entering a public restroom because the socialite was inside.

“I wanted to go to the bathroom, right… big pregnant woman, and you know when you gotta go, you gotta go. You can’t hold it. You’re not supposed to,” Jess recounted to her co-hosts on the BreakfastClubAm.

She continued, “So I go, it’s only one bathroom on the floor, and it’s like six stalls we got in there. So the security, big white dude, he’s in front of the door, and I’m trying to go in, and he’s like, ‘I can’t let you go in. We have an exclusive.’ He didn’t say celebrity but somebody.”

Jess disclosed that although the security guard noticed that she was pregnant, he still refused to let her in and made her wait for her turn.

“And I said, ‘Yeah, I got to go to the bathroom, though; it’s not a single stall.’ But he was like, ‘Yeah, no.’ But then he looked down my stomach and was like, F, you’re pregnant. And I said yeah, and I gotta go big. And he was like, ‘Just give her a couple more seconds.’ And I’m like, it’s like 6 stalls.

“So I stood there. For three minutes, I stood there,” Jess added.

The story quickly gained traction, with fans supporting Jess and expressing outrage at the incident.

“So they denied pregnant Black women into a bathroom because a white woman was in there is all I gather,” a fan wrote.

Another added, “Y’all are saying, “It’s Paris Hilton,” and Jess is pregnant. Imagine someone making Paris’s surrogate wait to pee because they have superstardom!! Y’all tend to lose touch. At the end of the day, we all are human and deserve to be treated as such.”

“These comments are wild! Y’all refuse to stand for your own, and it’s honestly sick. It’s a public restroom. The fact that y’all are choosing to give P the benefit of the doubt instead of Jess is just mind-boggling to me. Do better,” another fan pointed out.

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