Rah Ali Inks New Deal With SpokeHub App

by Yah Yah

Reality television star and businesswoman, Rah Ali is never not working. The Bronx native, CEO, and Ambassador is now expanding her catalog into the digital world and announces her new partnership with social media app, SpokeHub.

The app was designed to enhance a users experience of social interaction in the app world. Where these days, social media delivers a far more public interaction than a decade ago, when communications were far more one-to-one, SpokeHub will be introducing a more private, personal experience to users – by bringing back the chat room experience.

“SpokeHub is the wave of the future,” says Ali. “Remember when we all would connect and chat on BBM” SpokeHub takes the experience of Instagram and infuses the intimacy of those chat rooms we all used to love like Black Planet and Myspace but in a new renovated way.”

A few months back, we were lucky enough to interview her about signing on as a brand ambassador for White Label Hair. In the interview, Ali told us how she stays motivated.

 “I think that’s just something that’s inside of a person. I don’t think that any one person should have to motivate the person. I think it’s what’s within you.
 When I wake up in the morning, I have my tea, and I have my breakfast, and I just get to my to-do list. I just make sure that everything that I write down, that I check off my list while maintaining a balance and an at home life. I do what I have to do for myself. It’s kind of second nature. I don’t really think about it too much.” 

We’re happy for Rah Ali and her new venture!

About SpokeHub:

SpokeHub is a minority led company making waves in the social media space. With roots in Durham, NC and backed by the Google for Entrepreneurs Exchange Program, they hope to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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