Michaela Coel Addresses Kim Kardashian and her “Bo Derek” Braids

by Yah Yah

Kim Kardashian trended this week when she posted selfies of her newest hairstyle – blonde cornrows. In a now edited post, Kim referred to her hairstyle as “Bo Derek Braids” – which many of fans and critics alike, took exception to, calling her out for once again appropriating Black culture.

Below is Coel’s response to Kim’s posts.


As the tweets of outrage from Black Twitter came rolling in, one celeb who was not here for Kim’s shenanigans and took to Twitter to express how she felt about the newly braided Kardashian’s newest attention-grabbing antics.

Chewing Gum creator and actress called Kim out for her ignorance, and she didn’t hold back!  

It’s evident that Kim and her family are heavily influenced by Black women and by Black culture in general. But for most, it’s their blatant unwillingness to own up to this fact and pay homage respectfully, which gets us so riled up. The erasure of Black women is real. Especially in the entertainment industry. And as a mother of not one but three Black children – two of which are Black girls, Kim Kardashian should not be so reckless with her privilege.

Her nod to “Bo Derek” attempted to completely bypass the styles East African Fulani roots and give all credit to a white woman. Coel is right. The cunning Kardashian knew exactly what she was doing when she posted the images on her social media. Whether good or bad, her goal is to get tongues wagging – and boy did she!

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