‘See, The Thing Is’ Podcast Co-Hosts Address That Uncomfortable Episode With Joe Budden

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Bridget Kelly and Mandii B., co-hosts of the “See, The Thing Is” podcast addressed the recent controversy surrounding the show on the latest episode.

Earlier this week, former co-host Olivia Dope publicly disclosed that she left the show because Joe Budden, her former boss and owner of the network the podcast is hosted on, sexually harassed her.

The ladies deny being unsupportive of Olivia.

“As women, we want to believe that we are saving graces and safe spaces for other women and that is something I know has been eating her up,” said Mandii B.

Bridget Kelly added, “I think the hardest part for me has been how do I effectively avoid slipping into the position of having to do damage control when number one it’s not my responsibility and number 2 grappling with the feelings of wanting to be responsible.”

They were unsure of whether to reach out to the DJ and said immediately following Budden’s exit from the episode, they asked her if she was okay. They also informed her that sections of the episode could be edited out.

They also shared that Olivia informed them that she would be walking away from the podcast. She cited a “toxic” working environment as the reason.

“In the episode where Olivia felt violated, it was an uncomfortable day. It was very uncomfortable for all of us. Mandii and I have known Joe for a much longer time. Joe and I have also done “Love and Hip Hop” so I know when performative Joe turns on,” said Bridget. “Cameras are on, the lights. Everything is amplified. The energy, whether it’s toxic or meant to be funny and it’s not funny. Whatever the energy is, it’s performative…We take what’s being thrown when these cameras and mics are on with a grain of salt,” she said. “And it’s not to excuse anyone feeling uncomfortable if they’re not familiar and you don’t have that rapport with him. We carry on with the episode, we’re all left with a little.”

She added, “Throughout the break, every single person goes to her and asks her if she’s okay. Joe asks, ‘Are you okay because that was a bit much.’ I recall Joe saying, ‘I’m sorry if that was a lot. I’m sorry if I did too much.’ Not even a lack of acknowledgement of his behavior went on. Everyone was like the energy is a little weird but when we get back from break, we’ll fix it amongst ourselves. Every single person.”

While the uncomfortable moments from the podcast could have been edited out, the fact that the public was able to witness Olivia’s discomfort and Budden’s cringy behavior went a long way in silencing (some of) the trolls online.

Olivia has remained relatively quiet since posting her disclosure video on Instagram. We hope she’s healing and send her love and light.

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