Serena Williams Rallies Behind Caitlin Clark: ‘They Can’t Do What You Do’

by Grace Somes
Serena Williams and Caitlin Clark || Image credit: @serenawillias @caitlinclark22

Tennis champion Serena Williams is aware of the pressure Caitlin Clark is under and is relieved that the rookie Indiana Fever player tries to stay off social media.

During a recent appearance on the red carpet, the 23-time Grand Slam champion advised the WNBA rookie.

Very few individuals on this planet can truly comprehend the extraordinary journey of Caitlin Clark, catapulting to fame in her teenage and early adult years. Yet, there is one who can, and that is Serena Williams.

Despite not having started playing tennis at the same time as Williams, she is familiar with what it’s like to be recognized as one of the greatest in her field at such a young age.

When Williams appeared on the red carpet last Thursday to launch her upcoming ESPN+ docuseries, In The Arena: Serena Williams, she was asked about Clark and what advice she would give the basketball player.

The 23-time Grand Slam champion claimed she had been “bullied” in her early career and could relate to Clark’s struggles as a rookie due to criticism.

“I was bullied,” Williams told the media at the event. “Things that I had to go through, people would be canceled for saying now. My position growing up as a teenager was that I had to be guarded to stay sane. Just [getting] so much press, doing everything I was doing, and traveling the globe every year. It was every week. It was a grind.”

The 42-year-old said that she believes Clark is doing well by staying off social media to avoid being overwhelmed by criticism.

In a separate excerpt of the interview made public by the Associated Press, Williams continued, “I love that she tries to stay grounded.” She claims not to check her social media accounts. I understand. Neither do I. I think it’s crucial that she just keeps doing what she’s doing.

“Regardless of what others may do. If someone is negative, it’s essentially because they are unable to accomplish what you do. I hope she keeps doing what she’s doing.”

It must be tiresome to be the focus of haters on social media and a magnet for TV cameras.

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