Latto Says She Got A BBL At 21 Because Of What The Internet Said About Her Body

by Grace Somes
Latto || Image credit: @latto

The 24-year-old artist disclosed that she had a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) at the age of 21 as a result of intense pressure from body-shamers and online trolls.

Latto opened up about the emotional process that went into her surgery. The rapper, whose real name is Alyssa Michelle Stephens, talked about how she felt inadequate and was pushed towards cosmetic surgery by people’s constant criticism of her appearance.

In the clip the “Big Energy” rapper shared online, she revealed how finding fame at a young age set off a chain of events that eventually influenced her to modify her young body.

“My body was so tea,” Latto began. “I gained a little weight. I signed my deal when I was just about to be 21. When I signed my deal I was just having money, living a whole new life, eating out.”

Last year, Latto confessed to having gone under the knife to look snatched in all the right places in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

 “I got a BBL in 2020. I also got 360 lipo. That’s on my stomach, back, sides, and whole torso. But then you’ve got to maintain it.”

The rapper also announced that she had been working hard to maintain her figure so she wouldn’t have to go back on the surgical table.

“So I just hired a trainer. I tweeted the other day that I was almost going to get a round two of surgery, and then I was like, let me just get a trainer instead.”

In her latest self-introspect video, Latto clarified that her self-esteem suffered due to constant criticism of her appearance.

“So I gained a little weight,” she continued. And everybody was calling me a bad body and stuff. So, I feel like that played a little role. I started to be insecure about my body. And people were saying I’m built weird.”

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