Sky Days Responds to Critics: ‘I Was Not Raised to be a Mom’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Black Ink star Sky Days has received a tremendous amount of backlash for her handling of her formerly estranged sons — but the reality television star is defending her actions.

She says she was not raised to be a mother.

“When it comes down to my sons, right now, ’cause they not kids. These n*ggas is twenty plus! I love them to death but I was not raised to be a mom. I was raised to treat people how they treat me and that’s what I do,” she told celebrity blogger Jason Lee on his Gagged show.

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From the Days’ first season on the show, she has been candid about her upbringing. Days became a mom in her early teens, and her sons Genasis and Dessaline were put up for adoption.

“So when people even bash me about the way I react to things, they mad because I’m not — I’m going to say sorry if I feel sorry. I” m going to f*ckin’ cry if I want to cry. But I don’t think I need to do that to a mass audience. I’m not getting ready to get on Instagram and be like, ‘Yo, I’m sorry to my son.’ You sh*tting me? Who the f*ck is y’all?”

When Day eventually reunited with her sons, it was clear that they harbored anger towards the mother who gave them away and years later, created a good life for herself. She struggled to make amends — unfortunately, several hostile interactions were captured by VH1’s cameras.

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Social media labeled Day a “bad mom.”

“We all three human beings. I love them to death. I love them distantly,” she said, noting that son Des is still close with her mother even if they don’t talk.

“I went through something like this with my moms and she raised me. I don’t know but I understand where they coming from to a certain degree cause I haven’t been in there shoes all the way. I’ve been on my own a long time. But I know probably when we met, especially with me being on such a public platform, they probably thought I would want to be right there,” she said. “You want a mom. When you meet your parents, you want them to be involved. I know that’s what it is. At the end of the day, I tried that, especially with Dessalines. Sh*t happened, and that’s that. Genasis, we tried. Sh*t happened and that’s that. I love them to death and that’s it.”

“I love my sons but like I said, I love them from a distance,” she continued. “They gotta have some kids or something. They gotta see what it is.”

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