Social Media Reacts To Ashanti’s Growing Pregnant Belly – “Baby Mama At Your Big Age?”

by Grace Somes
Ashanti and Nelly || Image credit: @ashanti @11miami

Ashanti looked stunning in her pink shirt dress, but nobody can mistake the glaring abdominal bulge for what it is! 

Neither Ashanti nor Nelly have confirmed their soon-to-be-parental status, but the videos don’t lie. 

The couple sparked pregnancy rumors in December 2023 when they attended Nelly’s Black and White Ball in St. Louis

Ashanti and Nelly drew people’s attention to the possibility of a bun in Ashanti’s oven after performing Ashanti and Ja Rule’s 2022 hit single, “Mesmerize”, with Nelly lip-synching Ja Rule’s adlibs on the track.

During the event, she put her hand on her stomach, and Nelly did the same and broke into laughter after hinting together.

A few weeks later, another video of Ashanti dancing on stage in a bodysuit sent the rumor mill into overdrive. Fans noticed that the Always On Time hitmaker appeared to have gained some weight, especially around her tummy area, despite trying to appear snatched with the belt trick. 

Just yesterday, the R&B icons made another appearance at E11even Miami’s 10th anniversary celebration

Once again, the love birds dominated the stage with electrifying performances and more information for the gossip mill.

The unmistakable bulge beneath Ashanti’s costume was unforgettable, especially when she held the bottom of her dress to prevent it from going further up her thighs. 

Another thing that caught fans’ eyes is the glamorous shiny rock on her finger. 

The new footage has caused a divide on social media. Some fans have questioned why Ashanti would go ahead and have a baby with Nelly without a legal title. 

Since their reconciliation, the two Grammy-winning artists have been doting on each other, flaunting their adoration on social media. On Nelly’s birthday, Ashanti held three separate birthday celebrations, which climaxed with a luxurious, antique birthday present, allegedly the rapper’s childhood dream car.

So far, Ashanti and Nelly have not publicly revealed when their little one is due. However, per our calculations, we know it will be sometime in 2024.

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