Spiritual Shockwave: Psychic Claims Kim Porter’s Ghost Predicted Diddy’s Downfall 5 Months Ago!

by Grace Somes
Kim Porter, Sloan Bella and Diddy || Image credit: @ladykp @sloanbella @diddy

Kim Porter predicted Sean “Diddy” Combs’ downfall from beyond the grave!

A video of a popular YouTube spiritualist delivering an eerie message from the late Kim Porter to Diddy would send shivers down your spine.

After Cassie’s recent lawsuit and shocking allegations against hip-hop icon Diddy, Sloan Bella, a renowned psychic, who foresaw the rapper’s troubles has gone viral.

R&B singer Cassie accused the rapper of physical and sexual assault over their 10-year relationship.

In the lawsuit she filed on Thursday, November 16, 2023, Cassie revealed Diddy forced her to have sex with multiple male prostitutes while he filmed and masturbated. She said he also repeatedly beat her up, which led to bleeding episodes.

Following the lawsuit, old posts and recordings referencing the charges filed against Diddy popped up.

In 2019, Gina Huynh also accused Diddy of physical assault during an explosive interview with blogger Tasha K. The model disclosed that her 5-year relationship with the rapper was filled with violent episodes, where Diddy repeatedly hit her in the back of her head and stomach.

Another video from June 2023 shows a psychic medium unveiling a haunting premonition about actress Kim Porter, Diddy’s dead baby mama. The couple shared three children between them.

Kim Porter died in November 2018, and after two months, the autopsy report revealed the cause of death as pneumonia.

According to Sloan Bella, who “channeled” the rapper’s ex and late actress Kim Porter during an online session, things would unravel in Diddy’s world in November 2023.

This psychic said she got the messages from Kim Porter’s energy.

“So crazy. I’m being shown in November of 2023. So, her death date was November 15, 2018. But I’m being shown November of 2023… I’m being shown that things are being prepared… and people are going to speak. Not just about what happened to her but about other things.”

Watch the video below:

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