Mom And Daughter-Owned Sneaker Company TRONUS Signs 7 World Football Champs

by Gee NY

TRONUS, the first Black woman-owned sneaker brand launched by a female athlete, expands its product line to include sports-focused Active Recovery Slides.

Owned by Cynthia Cureton-Robles and her daughter Santia Deck, TRONUS continues to shatter glass ceilings by securing endorsements from global flag football champions.

Coming from a family of athletes, Santia Deck’s viral videos catapulted her to global fame, with over three million social media followers.

Inspired by a passion for sports and a desire to combat injuries that often cut athletes’ careers short, Cynthia and Santia developed recovery slides tailored to the needs of flag football players.

According to a report published on Black News, TRONUS Recovery Slides is endorsed by esteemed chiropractor and sports rehabilitation specialist Dr. Kevin Flythe.

TRONUS Recovery Slides offer sturdy shock absorption, reducing joint stress and foot fatigue. The goal is to keep athletes healthier and prolong their careers.

TRONUS proudly announces its partnership with seven world football champions, including Darrell Doucette, Laval Davis, Dana Taylor, Kamrin Solomon, Shawn Theard Jr., Corey Webb, and Lucie Vinot.

These athletes bring talent, experience, and influence to TRONUS, highlighting the brand’s commitment to nurturing top athletic talent and revolutionizing recovery footwear.

Cynthia Cureton-Robles, TRONUS COO/Co-Founder, expressed excitement for the new additions, emphasizing the alignment of their talent and dedication with the brand’s ethos. Santia Deck, TRONUS CEO/Co-Founder and former elite flag football athlete, echoed this sentiment.

“I understand the importance of prioritizing recovery and comfort in athletic footwear firsthand. Our partnership with these exceptional athletes reflects our commitment to revolutionizing the industry and empowering athletes in one of America’s fastest-growing sports,” said Santia Deck.

Dana Simpkins, TRONUS CPO, highlighted the invaluable insights these athletes bring as TRONUS pushes forward with innovative products catering to elite athletes and active individuals alike.

This partnership underscores TRONUS’ commitment to prioritizing health and performance in athletes’ routines.

As part of its broader initiative, TRONUS aims to inspire young athletes to prioritize health and recovery.

The launch of Active Recovery Slides and cushioned athletic footwear promises a unique blend of fashion-forward design and functional excellence for athletes and fans alike.

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