Talented Michelle Williams Slays Her Performance In Broadway Musical ‘Death Becomes Her’

by Gee NY

Michelle Williams delivers a standout performance in the Broadway musical adaptation of “Death Becomes Her,” currently playing at the Cadillac Palace Theatre in Chicago.

The musical, a campy and hilarious take on the cult classic 1990s film, features Williams in the role of Viola Van Horn, a mysterious woman offering eternal youth through a magical potion.

The show, penned by book writer Marco Pennette and composers Julia Mattison and Noel Carey, captures the essence of the original film while updating it for contemporary audiences.

It follows the rivalry between Madeline Ashton (Megan Hilty) and Helen Sharp (Jennifer Simard), who go to extreme lengths to maintain their youthful appearances, leading them to Williams’ character, Viola.

Williams’ portrayal of Viola Van Horn, although more subdued compared to the frenetic energy of her co-stars, is a vocal triumph.

Her moments on stage, crafted by director and choreographer Christopher Gattelli, add a mysterious and enchanting layer to the production.

Megan Hilty as Madeline and Jennifer Simard as Helen deliver powerhouse performances, embodying their characters’ malicious and duplicitous nature with flair.

Hilty shines in numbers like “For the Gaze” and “Falling Apart,” while Simard’s dry wit and cunning portrayal make “Let’s Run Away Together” a standout.

The musical maintains much of the original film’s satirical edge, with Hilty and Simard sparring both physically and vocally, particularly in their act two duet “Hit Me?”.

The production values are high, with Paul Tazewell’s vibrant and glittering costumes adding to the spectacle.

Christopher Sieber also impresses as Ernest Menville, Madeline’s stolen fiancé, who spirals into madness in his second act solo “The Plan.”

The ensemble, referred to as Viola’s “Immortals,” enhances the show’s campy charm with their dazzling and sexy costumes.

While the musical deviates from the film with a softer ending, it remains a biting commentary on vanity and the pursuit of eternal youth. The production is a visual feast, though the challenge of depicting the characters’ transformation without CGI is cleverly handled through costume and wig changes.

“Death Becomes Her” runs through June 2 at the Cadillac Palace Theatre, with tickets priced between $30 and $122.

Michelle Williams, along with her co-stars, brings this beloved story to life with a performance that truly slays.

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