Tamar Braxton Throws Chrisean Rock Under The Bus, Confirms Assault Allegations – “I Knew She Was Rowdy, But…”

by Grace Somes
Tamar Braxton, James Wright Chanel and Chrisean rock || Image Credit: @tamarbraxton

Tamar Braxton confirms that Chrisean Rock assaulted backup singer James Wright Chanel at her concert.

The singer reveals that although she knew Chrisean was wild, she invited the rapper to The Love & War concert.

According to Tamar Braxton, she invited Chrisean Rock to her concert but not to come and sing. She said she saw Chrisean Rock as a young sister who needed a stable figure in her life.

“Chrisean was definitely someone I invited. I actually looked at her from afar as a younger sister. She’s from Baltimore … and I felt like this was somebody I wanted to meet and possibly take under wing because everybody knows I don’t have the best past,” she disclosed.

Again, the “My Man” songstress explained why she initially went tight-lipped on the situation.

“I wasn’t going to say anything out of respect for James and his trauma and what happened to him. He got assaulted at my show, and it was by Chrisean.

“Number one, I care about my team. They are all my friends. And we put this all together for the fans. I’m not a clout chaser. I don’t need that.”

Right after Chrisean Rock allegedly punched James in the face and broke his nose, LeTroy, Tamar Braxton’s best friend, went on a tirade.

LeTroy said Chrisean was “trash” and a “gutter butt”, vowing to have her asserted for messing up Jame’s face.

“Then she goes backstage, and she is upset because she didn’t get to perform her ringtone… So then James is like, ‘Oh, it wasn’t on purpose. Nobody is trying to shade you. We didn’t know that you were supposed to sing, and she hit James right in his face, chipped Jame’s tooth and Jame’s face is bloody,” he recounted.

After Letroy’s threats, Chrisean Rock responded with a video explaining that Tamar’s camp was lying and “chasing clout.”

Shortly after, the rapper announced her hiatus from social media before disappearing.

James Wright Chanel has also testified that the assault indeed took place and he was “at the dentist to fix his teeth.”

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