Tanesha Melbourne Killed In “Botched Revenge Hit?”

by Yah Yah

The murder of Tanesha Melbourne has shocked the British community. On Monday night, the 17-year-old was gunned down in a drive-by – an innocent victim of a shooting which was said to have been related to London’s “postcode wars.” 

Now, there are reports that Melbourne may have been the victim of a “botched revenge hit,” triggered by a fight in a fast food restaurant.

According to The Telegraph, a video that was circulated on social media sites Snapchat and Twitter may have prompted the shooting.

“The video shows an assault filmed inside Tinseltown Diner in Farringdon on Sunday April 1, the day before Tanesha was gunned down. The fights shows three young men punching and kicking another male in a stairwell that leads into the diner while a young woman tries to protect the victim.”

Tanesha Melbourne does not appear in the video or linked to the fight between the young men who were thought to be members of rival gangs.

The North London teen was gunned down just yards from her Tottenham home where she died in her mother’s arms. 

The Metropolitan Police are currently investigating her murder.

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