Tessica Brown Hopes to Change the Narrative Surrounding Her Viral Moment With New Single, ‘Ma Hair’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Tessica Brown—the woman who went viral after inadvertently using Gorilla Glue spray adhesive on her hair in February—is hoping to go viral once more.

This time, it’s all about music.

TMZ first reported on the upcoming release, which will include audio clips from her viral TikTok video.

Her manager, Gina Rodriguez, spoke with the outlet and said it’s the first time Brown, 40, has ever laid bars down on a track. She reportedly tried to reach out to Nicki Minaj to hop on the track following Minaj’s shoutout on “Beam Me Up Scotty,” — But Minaj’s team did not get back to her.

After the video went viral, she said she regretted the decision.

“I never was going to take this to social media. The reason I took this to social media was because I didn’t know what else to do,” Brown told ET’s, Melicia Johnson. “And I know somebody out there could have told me something. I didn’t think for one second when I got up the next morning it was gonna be everywhere.”

After being nicknamed “Gorilla Glue Girl,” Brown made rebuked the moniker.

“My name is Tessica,” Brown declared. “Every time somebody puts up something on social media, that’s it, my inbox is flooded. Don’t worry about this thing. Yeah, y’all can say that. This is what my momma keeps telling me, ‘Stop reading the comments.’ But I can’t help myself. I go read them, and they’re still sending me clips of what happened…It’s way, way, way, too much.”

With the single, Brown is hoping to reclaim her narrative.

A song called “Bad Idea (Gorilla Glue Girl Remix),” was released on streaming platforms and in May, Brown sent a cease and desist to the artist, Cocoa Brown.

“To the extent it becomes necessary, Tessica intends to seek the recovery of all penalties, statutory damages and punitive damages for such knowing infringement as applicable,” the cease and desist letter read. Brown sought to remove the song because she wasn’t involved in the remix and wasn’t profiting from it.

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