Woman Goes Viral For Seeking Advice About Asking Her Man For Money – “I Feel Providers Should Provide”

by Grace Somes
TikToker || Image credit: @rydaa

A woman is going insanely viral after sharing a TikTok, absolutely slamming her boyfriend’s behavior with money in their relationship and asking other females if she’s “shallow” to ask for money.

According to the woman in the viral clip, she works three jobs to sort out all the bills in the house she shares with her boyfriend.

“Alright, serious question for people in a relationship. Me and my boyfriend always argue about money. Mind you, I’m not broke. Like, I’m not broke right now. I make good money is what I’m trying to say. All my money goes into my bills. And after all my money goes into my bills, I usually have nothing left,” she explained in the beginning.

The footage which has divided the internet first appears on TikTpker under the username, @rydaa.

“So i picked up three jobs, but my boyfriend did not like that I picked three jobs because he felt I didn’t have much time to be around my kid,” she continued to explain the situation.

“So me and him always get into an argument over cash. And, mind you, I’m only asking him for cash on my off days… And I’m not talking about $100’s. I’m talking about $10, $20 or maybe $50. So I just want to know. Do you females ask your man for money, and does that transform into a fight? Does he give you money? How much is it? Does he treat you to get your nails done?”

According to the ‘confused’ woman, although they plan on getting married, her boyfriend refuses to share his financials with her.

The NeighbourhoodTalk share the video on Instagram, encouraging other women to share their opinions on her ‘unfortunate’ situation.

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