Radah Baked Goods: This Woman And Her Family Are Using Bakery To Give Back To Their Community

by Gee NY

In the heart of the Black Rock neighborhood, Radah Baked Goods, a Black-owned family bakery, is not just about serving delicious treats but is on a mission to uplift and give back to the Western New York community.

Lavenia and Lee Thomas, the proud owners of Radah Baked Goods, have turned their passion for baking into a platform for community support. Operating for four years and a year at their current location on 247 Amherst Street, the bakery has become a beacon of generosity.

Their dedication to community engagement is evident through initiatives like cupcake decorating classes and STEM programs for education organizations such as ‘SAY YES Buffalo’ and BestSelf throughout Western New York.

“We do cupcake classes with the schools in the local area. They’re fun. They give us a theme, and we just bring a cupcake that coincides with it,” says Lavenia. “We also have given away things for free, such as the cupcakes and things of that nature.”

Open after hours five days a week, Radah Baked Goods has become a local favorite for those seeking a sweet treat in the evenings. Despite challenges brought by the pandemic, the bakery stands firm in its commitment to giving back.

The pricing at Radah Baked Goods reflects their community-centric approach, with brownies and cupcakes at $3.50, cookies at $2.50, and a three-layer cake priced at $50.

Lee states:

“We didn’t want to be too extensive with our pricing. The point of it is to give back to the community. We’re not trying to take from it.”

Lavenia and Lee are also part of the Erie County Legislator April Baskins’ program “Level Up,” which provides support for local businesses. From negotiating contracts with larger corporations to serving the Southtowns every Monday at ECC, Radah Baked Goods continues to expand its impact.

The name “Radah” holds a unique significance, being a Hebrew name that stands for dominion and power. Lee explains, “It’s something that started with our legacy, and we want to give that to our community and our children.”

As Radah Baked Goods sweetens the lives of its customers, it also stands as a testament to the power of community, resilience, and the sweet taste of giving back.

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