UK Businesswoman Paris Petgrave Takes on Piers Morgan in Tense Vaccine Debate

by Shine My Crown Staff

Esteemed businesswoman Paris Petgrave is being praised for taking on “Good Morning Britain” co-host Piers Morgan, in a showdown that has gone viral.

The panel discussed whether employees should be forced to have the coronavirus vaccine. Morgan, a proud conservative and pro-vaccine, asked Petgrave several times whether she is an “anti-vaxxer” in an apparent attempt to villanize her.

The business owner did not take the bait.

Petgrave asset that if employees do not give their workers the option to have the vaccine, that it would be “against human rights” and discriminatory.

Pimlico Plumbers’ owner Charlie Mullins was also a guest on the show.

“I think it’s just bizarre your approach Charlie. Think about the Government, they employ 1.3 million people within the NHS and they haven’t mandated not one single employee to take that vaccine. In fact there’s no legislation that says the vaccine should be mandated and it’s a violation of our human rights, it’s unethical to discriminate against individuals who work with you if they have a valid reason not to take it,” she told him.

Petgrave continued: “That might be a medical reason, that might be a cultural reason, it might just be apprehensive. At the end of the day, you’re opening yourself up to litigation if you start to discriminate against your employees and mandate vaccinations on them.”

“You both make perfectly valid points but why should I as a customer not have the right to use a company like Pimlico Plumbers that know that they’ve all been vaccinated, because I would prefer to do that?” said Morgan.

After repeatedly questioning the Rare Seed founder over whether or not she is an anti-vaxxer, she responded: “Whether you take the vaccine or not is a personal choice, it’s not a public choice,” later adding, “I think that’s extremely unfair seeing as my mother is extremely sick and the first person in my family to have the vaccine.”

Petgrave says there simply is not enough evidence for her to openly endorse the jab.

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