Watch Samira Gibson’s “PWER” #BlackGirlMagic

by Yah Yah

New York vocalist, Samira Gibson is marching to the beat of her own drum and standing in her truth in her new, monochrome visuals for single “#PWER.” Reflecting on her past and optimistic about her future, Samira is determined to take care of number one and wants us all to follow suit. Never forget how powerful you are!

“The capability or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events is PWER. I wrote this song for the sake of self-empowerment. I wanted to shed some light, confirm or remind every individual just how powerful they are. Just how impactful they can be; Just how magical they are, in case it was undiscovered or forgotten along the way. This song was intended to be the voice for people remember the position they are in. I encourage everyone to know their “#PWER!”

The three-time winner at the iconic Apollo Theater goes on to say;

“The #PWER video was a direct correlation to the song. There’s a message of freedom from self and others, strong, unified women (although not limited to) who are ready to take on any challenge after realizing the #PWER we possess.”

Press that play button, now!

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