Watch The New Trailer ‘Fifth Ward,’ Starring Mya

by Yah Yah

5th Ward is a series adaptation of Greg Carter’s 1998 movie. The original film starred Kory Washington, Donna Wilkerson, Thomas Miles, Thomas Webb, Creepa, Junie Hoang, Lee Carter, JaCorrey Lovelady, Louis Gusemano, and Steve Green.

The series stars R&B actress Mya as the lead character, Mina alongside with Carl Anthony, and according to Shadow & Act (who premiered the exclusive trailer), the series description is as follows:

In Houston’s historically black neighborhood known as the “Fifth Ward,” long-time resident, Mina (Mya), has been struggling to make ends meet – especially since the death of her husband two years ago. Now a single mother of two sons, James and older brother Ray Ray, Mina fears for their safety after an argument at a local convenience store leaves a young girl dead. When James is taken away from her following a police raid on her home that results in the arrest of her new boyfriend, Mina battles with the idealism of remaining on the straight and narrow and the reality of what difficult decisions her circumstances will require her to make.

The premiere episode will air March 2nd via the Urban Movie and also stars Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles, Gary Sturgis, Corr Kendricks, Chris O’ Neal and Christopher Jefferson. The first series will consist of six episodes.

We already know that Mya is a bonafide actress. She’s earned her chops starring in roles such as the 1999 thriller In Too Deep alongside LL Cool J and Omar Epps, Chicago, Dirty Dancing: Havana and Shall We Dance?

Her role in 5th Ward may be her grittiest role to date.

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