Wendy Williams’ Ex-husband Kevin Hunter Allegedly Fumes Over Being ‘Blindsided’ For Troubled Host’s New Lifetime Doc

by Grace Somes
Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter || Image credit: @therealwendywilliamsonline @therealkevinhunter

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter’s divorce was finalized in January 2020 after Hunter allegedly welcomed a baby girl with another woman while still married to Williams.

Although their divorce is finalized, the pair have been in a series of legal skirmishes, including trying to extend his alimony payments, which were denied on the spot.

Kevin Hunter has returned with accusations against the host’s management and team.

The US Sun reports that Wendy Williams’s estranged husband is unhappy with her new documentary, which shows the raw side of the TV host’s financial and health woes.

An insider close to Kevin Hunter Kevin disclosed that the 51-year-old was caught off guard when he saw the viral ‘Where is Wendy Williams?’ trailer.

The close source explains that Wendy Williams’s ex was disappointed in how the former TV queen was depicted in the film and

Williams’ ex-husband told close friends that the trailer scene featuring the 59-year-old host yelling over a bottle of vodka and appearing disoriented in the middle of New York City was “very sad” to see.

“Kevin was shocked to see his ex-wife portrayed in such a negative light in the Lifetime trailer. He was also totally blindsided that their son, Kevin Jr, ended up signing onto the project after he initially said he wanted nothing to do with it,” The US Sun stated.

Kevin Hunter was also upset that producers and the network had been able to drop their son into the project, especially since Wendy Williams was seemingly against documenting her life from day one, particularly in a way that would further diminish his ex-wife’s legacy.

“Little Kev was repeatedly advised that it was a bad look to be involved in this project and that it was not in his best interest to have his name attached to it,” the insider added.

Apparently, Kevin Hunter feels his ex-wife was “still being exploited to that level.”

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