‘The Sonsband’: Internet Reacts To Peachie’s ‘Relationship’ With Son Wiz Khalifa

by Grace Somes
Peachie and Wiz Khalifa || Image credit: @ogjuspeachie @wizkhalifa

Katie’ Peachie’ Wimbush hitting the strip club with her son Wiz Khalifa definitely tops their intimate ‘kissing’ lips sessions.

Few relationships in the dynamic world of celebrity relationships have generated as much interest and discussion as the one between rapper Wiz Khalifa and his mother, Peachie Wimbush-Polk. To characterize their unique and sometimes misinterpreted relationship, a fan created a new term, “sonsband.”

The first ‘shocker’ dropped in 2012, when Wiz Khalifa tweeted a pic of him and his mom, Peachie Wimbush, with lips locked in what appears to be a studio office.
Wiz captioned the photo while celebrating his mother’s birthday: “I Love My Mommy.”

In a recent interview on The Jennifer Hudson Show, the 36-year-old rapper talked about his close-knit relationship with mother Peachie and how they “do everything together”—including going out to strip clubs.

Little Meech spent Mother’s Day at Magic City in Atlanta with his mother and grandmother. On Instagram, he posted some videos of them with a few dancers wearing skimpy clothing.

According to Wiz, they go to strip clubs together for some unexpected family bonding.

Despite his tight relationship with his mother, Wiz Khalifa has had his fair share of relationships. Wiz, who was previously married to Amber Rose (2013 – 2016), dated Winnie Harlow from 2018 – 2019) before hooking up with Izabela Guedes (2016 – 2018).


The rapper’s relationships with  Indya Marie (2015), Sara Dastjani (2014), and Natalie Nunn (2010) are all well-known.

Popular for his easygoing style and hits like “Black and Yellow” and “See You Again,” Wiz Khalifa has never hidden the fact that he has a close bond with his mother.

Peachie, for her part, frequently posts sweet birthday messages and proud motherhood pictures honoring Wiz’s accomplishments on social media, showcasing their special relationship.

Reactions to Peachie’s and Wiz Khalifa’s unique relationship range from positive to doubtful. Some fans believe that Peachie and Wiz’s strong bond and mutual respect are evidence of strong family values.

On the other hand, some feel that the relationship is a little too close for comfort, alleging that Peachie may even be jealous of her son’s relationships with his girlfriends.

Wiz Khalifa and Peachie have not responded to the term “Sonsband.” Nevertheless, both seem unaffected by the online rumors as they keep sharing snippets of their intimate bond.

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