Yara Shahidi Gets Her Own Barbie Doll As Barbie Turns 60

by Donicia A. Hodge

Barbie is turning 60 this year and Mattel is releasing a collection of books, new initiatives and events to mark the milestone. Barbie will be releasing a new collection of  “Shero” dolls with inspiring faces.

International Women’s Day is March 8th and Mattel has launched role models from 20 different countries.

Yara Shahidi is representing the U.S. Her doll wears a sharp gray suit with a Tory Burch “vote” graphic tee underneath. This is the shirt she actually wore to the We Vote Next Summit in September 2018. She was chosen for her activism and leadership in the community. She lends her name to Yara’s Club, a digital meet-up for high school students to discuss societal issues, self-improvement and higher education in partnership with The Young Women’s Leadership Schools in NYC.

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