Aloe Vera: The Miracle Cure

by Yah Yah

Pictures and engravings of Aloe Vera plants are found on the ancient tombs of Egypt. Even Cleopatra is credited with being a fan of this amazing plant. It is hardly surprising it was so popular in ancient times due to its miracle curing properties. Don’t forget that we didn’t have penicillin until the 1930’s so any plant that helped to treat burns and infections was very important. There are now a number of Aloe Vera skin care products for every skin type.

Aloe Vera has the ability to enhance and stimulate skin’s cell growth. Minor burns respond very well to the application of Aloe Vera hence why it is used in a number of sun protection creams. It is safe for children to use although most parents don’t allow their children to suffer sun exposure as the dangers are now well known.

But accidents sometimes happen especially if you are not used to a new climate. If you travel to hot places like Jamaica and the Bahamas, the locals will rub the gel direct from the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant into the sunburned skin. Believe me, the relief you get is amazing although it is obviously best not to burn in the first place!

Aloe Vera makes a wonderful cleanser as well. You can grow your own plants or buy the gel from your local food store. It should calm your skin as well as cleaning it. Allergic reactions are rare if you use the shop bought gels. If using your own home-grown plant, avoid the brown juice of the rind as that can irritate sensitive skin. It is always wise to do a patch test first when trying out any new skincare routine.

Some people will advocate that you take Aloe Vera capsules or drink the juice. Doing so may not actually provide any benefit for your skin and could cause medical issues if you are taking other medication. Aloe Vera can interfere with the body’s glucose levels so diabetics should be very careful. Never just start taking any supplements even natural ones without first consulting your doctor.

Aloe Vera skin care treatments work very well for some patients with shingles. If you suffer from this painful condition, it would be worth a try. Psoriasis patients may also benefit – it certainly helped my dad’s skin as it seemed to calm down the redness and it helped to relieve the itch. But don’t believe all the rubbish you will read on the net with regard to it being able to cure cancer. If Aloe Vera or any other natural product actually cured cancer, do you really believe that the medical profession wouldn’t be using it?

People will try and sell you Aloe Vera in a number of different forms including one company selling it as a laxative. While I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone, I would suggest that everyone at least try Aloe Vera skin care treatments for themselves and see how they get on.

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