An Annual Celebration of Natural Hair Brings Together Dozens of Black Women and Girls

by Xara Aziz
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KC Curly, the largest annual natural hair photo shoot in Kansas City, was all the rave Saturday when the movement brought together dozens of women and girls to pose in their natural hairstyles.

The movement – started in 2016 – aims to bring together women from all walks of life to bond and celebrate a sisterhood that has flourished through shared experiences and lifelong connections. Flanked in purple, mother and daughter duos convened at the Liberty Memorial to have their special shots taken. The 2022 theme was “The Purple Edition” and featured all shades of beautiful women wearing their afros, curls, coils, locs and braids accessorized with flower crowns and floral prints.

“To me, it’s about self-worth because as a child if you don’t feel like your hair is nice then you start going deeper and think you don’t have any self-worth at all,” Crissi Curly, founder of KC Curly, told KCTV.

The event also featured individual creative photo shoots, a fashion show, raffle prizes and a networking opportunity.

One mother and daughter duo came all the way from Minnesota to Kansas to participate in the event.

“Sometimes [my daughter] has to be a brave girl and be in worlds that don’t look like hers. So this is the chance where it gets to be flipped and I’m the one who gets to experience that. I really feel it’s important for both parts,” said Erin McAlpin, the mother to a beautiful daughter named Aubrey.

Chrissy Curly plans to make the annual event a festival in the coming years. The event is currently in its sixth year. To learn more about KC Curly, visit them here.

About KC Curly:

KC CURLY brings women of color together from all backgrounds & cultures to form a common bond around our hair. Whether your hair is curly, coily, afro, locs or protective…KC CURLY aims to encourage you to feel comfortable and beautiful in your skin. Their motto is “You are Beautiful just as you were designed by God to be.” Their dream is to see women become their authentic selves. They exist to build a strong, deep & extensive network for women of color to form a sisterhood with other women. KC Curly is more than just curls. They are a sisterhood.

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