Aoki Lee Simmons Contemplates Job Hunt After Break-Up With 65-Year-Old Boyfriend

by Gee NY
Credit: Instagram

Aoki Lee Simmons, daughter of Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons, finds herself at the center of attention once again following her breakup with 65-year-old restaurateur Vittorio Assaf.

Their relationship, initially met with controversy due to the significant age gap, ended abruptly, prompting Aoki to consider her financial independence.

The saga began with viral photos of Aoki and Assaf vacationing in Saint Barthelemy, raising eyebrows given the substantial age difference between them. While her parents initially appeared supportive, Kimora expressed regret over the public scrutiny, suggesting Aoki may have been set up.

Adding to the controversy, a resurfaced video showcased Aoki jokingly threatening her father, Russell Simmons, with finding a “sugar daddy” if he didn’t increase her allowance.

Now, with her breakup and newfound independence, Aoki faces the reality of needing to support herself.

In recent social media posts, Aoki shared glimpses of her life in New York City, hinting at the need to seek employment to cover her expenses.

Despite the challenges, she remains upbeat, showcasing her diverse talents and embracing the prospect of new opportunities.

Aoki is currently receiving support and encouragement from followers and even her mother, Kimora, who offers playful advice on skincare.

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