Ari Lennox Says Black Twitter Has Been Calling Her ‘Ugly’ for Years: ‘It Don’t Hurt Like It Once Did’

by Shine My Crown Staff

Ari Lennox responded to trolls with a heartbreaking tweet in response to a tweet circulating social media titled “Ari Lennox is not beautiful.”

“These trolls are relentless,” she wrote. “4 months straight they won’t stop bothering me.”

The R&B beauty continued: “To all of my beautiful supporters in South Africa I love you dearly. To these weird obsessed evil individuals I pray you get therapy for your obsession of me.”

She added, “Black twitter has been calling me ugly for years. It don’t hurt like it once did. I recognize beauty standards vary and lots of self hate and oppression can play a big part in that,” Lennox concluded. “To my new troll fans there’s not much more you can say.”

Lennox’s Twitter supporters offered words of encouragement and we hope she takes them to heart.

It’s been a bit of a rocky year for Lennox. In February, an interview went viral after podcaster MacG made a few disrespectful remarks about her sex life.

During the interview, Lennox was asked whether anybody was “f—king her good right now.” MacG then directed Lennox to her own lyrics on her single, “Pop.”

At first, the podcaster doubled down on his remarks before offering up a much overdue apology for his conduct.

“I want to sincerely apologise for that question and how it made her feel, and the aftermath. I like to genuinely apologise to Ari or any women I may have offended,” MacG said. “Definitely, in the beginning, I didn’t see anything wrong with what I said,” he explained. “For me, I was looking in terms of, if it is in the lyric, then I can ask whatever it is. Nothing is off-limits. But what I learnt from this is that it is not about what you ask. It’s how you ask it.”

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