Beauty + Lifestyle Youtuber Lia Leigh Talks Sharing Her Life Online | @RealLiaLeigh #CleanVaginasMatter

by Yah Yah

Beauty and lifestyle vlogger LiaLeigh has a unique approach to her Youtube channel. Her page is not strictly limited to hair and beauty tutorials or spotlighting the highlights of her life, LiaLeigh’s channel is an open book of her life’s journey, her job as a dancer, the good, the bad and the in betweens.

We spoke to LiaLeigh about her channel and about how she keeps a positive mental attitude.

SMC: Your Youtube vlog is very open about your private life and covers some deeply personal experiences. What made you decide to create the channel in the first place?

LL: I created my channel because I wanted to share my life with people from all around the world, the good and the not so good moments in my life. I believe I have a great spirit, and lots of people can relate to things that I go through, and do. Sharing my makeup tips, adventures and times with my family.

SMC: Have you ever regretted being so open in your videos?

LL: No, I do not regret anything I have opened up about on my channel. People have real issues that they feel like other people can’t relate to, that videos that I’ve updated tons of folks have commented and sent me private messages thanking me for sharing my life.

SMC: Your reading hate comments video was compelling viewing. Do the negative comments ever get too much?

LL: No, never no matter what they say, honestly these people I believe truly have their own issues and somehow talking bad upon others makes them feel better. Half of the time I laugh and keep scrolling.

SMC: Tell us a bit about “Clean Vaginas Matter.”

LL: #CleanVaginasMatter was all created maybe my second year of dancing (exotic dancing), hearing women talking all the time about hygiene and cleanliness in the club, and I thought that women should be clean all the time, also STD free.

SMC: What tips do you have to remain positive in the face of adversity?

LL: Just staying true to myself really, doing what makes me happy and only being around the people who make me happy, family (including my close friends) and my boo. Simple as that.

SMC: What are your go-to beauty faves?

LL: A Liquid Matte Lipstick, right now I’m in love with a really inexpensive one from Hard Candy Velvet Moose Nude lip. Not too crazy about anything else.

SMC: Who are some of your style icons and why?

LL: If I really had to choose a style icon, it would be Rihanna; I’ve always adored her since I was in 7th/8th grade her chill vibes sometimes heels, other times regular sandals, oversized tees all of it I love it all.

SMC: What’s next for LiaLeigh?

LL: Well, I definitely am trying to stay focused and working hard on my YouTube Channel it’s very important to me, and I’ve become addicted to filming, editing, and peoples reactions to my natural craft. Also promoting #CleanVaginasMatter Apparel much harder!

SMC: What is Black Girl Magic to you?

LL: Black Girl Magic, it’s so very ironic you ask this because in the tags sections on uploading a video on YouTube I always tag “BlackGirlMagic” and “BlackGirlsRock” I lie to you not. It is powerful beyond measures, it’s strong, and it’s undeniably beautiful. Black Girl Magic is standing up for what you believe in to make a better way/path for yourself and whom ever could be looking up to you. Being confident in your own skin and glowing naturally. I love being a Black Girl and not only that, but I love being a Mixed Black Girl because my mother is Mexican and Black and she’d kill me if I tried to denounce being Mexican also, haha.

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