Candace Owens Says ‘Very Large’ Lizzo In A Thong In Public Is ‘Disgusting’ And ‘Perverted’

by Grace Somes
Candace Owens and Lizzo || Image credit: @therealcandaceowens @lizzo

Candace Owens fiercely called out Lizzo for gaslighting people who are outraged when she does outrageous things for attention.

The Conservative political commentator Candace Owens addressed the ‘About Damn Time’ singer’s showstopping scene at a basketball game.

As part of her interview with Joe Budden, Candace Owens shared that her issues with the singer stem from Lizzo twerking her bare backside at an NBA game.

“I don’t like the games people play where they do something so obviously outrageous like Lizzo in a thog shaking her a** checks. You know what that was.

“This is disgusting and perverted. People take their kids to the games. Is there no safe and sacred space? You’ve got little boys, like fans of LeBron James, that want to sit there. And now they’ve got Lizzo with her a** cheeks shaking. And she’s like, ‘If you don’t like it, it’s your problem,” Candance Owens explained.

Owens said she had the right to call out Lizzo’s behavior. However, she felt “gaslit” when Lizzo defended herself by saying it was a “you problem” if you took issue with her behavior.

“No, it’s like you’re being problematic, and now you’re playing the game when you do something outrageous. Then, when we outrage, you pretend we are the crazy ones.”

Candance Owens then proceeded to call herself a victim in the whole exchange.

“Stop gaslighting me, okay? You’re very large, and you’ve got your a** cheeks on the side of the court at a basketball game. I reserve the right to comment on that.”

And even when Budden tried to defend Lizzo, she shut him down.

In 2022, Candace Owen took a dig at Lizzo while defending Kanye West’s “White Lives Matter” t-shirts; Candace said, “We should have put one on Lizzo to bring awareness to obesity.”

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