Coi Leray Defends Her Bars: ‘I Had the Best XXL Freestyle’

by Shine My Crown Staff

One thing nobody can accuse rapper Coi Leray of having is low self-confidence.

After XXL dropped her freestyle, viewers panned Leray’s bars, calling it one of the worst in Freshman history.

But she maintains that she killed her freestyles.

“You thought I was about to spit the hottest fire flame,” she said. “Let me tell y’all something…I feel like, personally, I had the best XXL freestyle. Me and Lakeyah fa sho had the best XXL freestyle. Especially my whole class of the cyphers. I haven’t even heard the cyphers, other cyphers yet. And I know we had the best cypher. Especially me.”

The rapper’s single “No More Parties” charted on the Billboard Hot 100, Rolling Stone 100 and on the Apple Music Top 20. It also reached 21 on Spotify’s Viral Hits.

However, when she was revealed as one of XXL’s Freshman Class of 2021, rap fans felt Leray had not put in enough work that she just wasn’t talented enough.

But her unwavering self-confidence and self-belief have earned her a solid following.

She says the way to succeed as a female artist is to mind your own business.

“What I learned about being a female in the industry is more so you can’t really envy, as long as you know your worth then you can’t be stressing about any other female. With that attitude, it helps you be able to collaborate with great artists. A lot of females don’t have that, and it stops a lot of great music,” she said in an interview with Hype Bae.

However, she also admits that her desire to rap was fairly recent.

“I actually never had that feeling until the end of 2018. I always knew that I was talented and you know I definitely grew up around music. Music is in my blood so I always knew somehow it was going to find me,” she explains.

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