Top NAACP Official Comes Under Fire After Leaked Video Captures Her Saying Migrants Are ‘Like Savages’

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Teresa Haley, a top official of the Illinois NAACP, is now under intense scrutiny following a leaked video call in which she appears to make disparaging comments about recent migrant arrivals.

The leaked video, recorded during an NAACP leaders’ conference call on Oct. 26, has triggered a wave of criticism from individuals including Illinois Governor JB Pritzker, amid demands for an apology for the inflammatory remarks.

According to CNN, in the recording, Haley is heard expressing frustration over the perceived preferential treatment given to incoming migrants compared to Black residents in need. Another participant brought up the topic of migrants, prompting Haley to make startling comments.

“Black people have been on the streets forever and ever, and nobody cares, because they say that we’re drug addicts, we’ve got mental health issues,” Haley stated in the video. “But these immigrants who come over here, they’ve been raping people, they’ve been breaking into homes, they’re like savages as well. They don’t speak the language and they look at us like we’re crazy.”

Haley went on to question the core values of the NAACP, stating:

“it’s the N-A-A-C-P. What do those letters mean to you? What does it really stand for? Yes, we can stand up for other people, but what are we doing for our own?”

The video was released by Patrick Watson, the former DuPage County branch president for the NAACP, who resigned after recording the conference call with other branch presidents.

Governor Pritzker condemned Haley’s comments, calling them “reprehensible remarks” during a press briefing.

“I would hope that she would apologize for the remarks. I also think that people should recognize that immigrants to this country are all around us,” he added.

However, Haley denies making the controversial comments. When confronted with the recording, she responded:

“With AI, anything is possible,” according to reports.

The current DuPage County branch president, Michael Childress, defended Haley, claiming her comments were taken out of context.

“These comments are not indicative of what the NAACP stands for. But again, I’m not going to speak on behalf of Teresa Haley and say she should or shouldn’t resign or things like that,” Childress stated.

The controversy has emerged amid tensions over migrant arrivals in Chicago. Since the end of August 2022, over 25,700 migrants have arrived in the city, prompting collaborative efforts between the city and churches to address the surge.

Emergency staging locations, including police stations and airports, are being utilized to house migrants temporarily as the city grapples with the influx.

The Illinois NAACP, along with the national organization, is yet to provide an official response to the unfolding controversy.

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