Davido’s Chioma Gets Support From Black Women For Enduring Cheating: ‘She Chose To Cry In The Rolls Royce’

by Grace Somes
Davido and Chioma || Image credit: @davido @chefchi

Nigerian superstar Davido and his fiancée, Chioma Rowland, have found themselves in the spotlight, not just for their upcoming wedding but for how she navigated the turbulence of the high-profile relationship filled with several cheating scandals and baby mamas.

The couple’s love journey hit a stumbling block when rumors of another one of Davido’s infidelity emerged earlier this year after a US-based model named Bonita Maria shared their intimate photo.

The photo, which showed the model and Davido in an apparent intimate pose, came shortly after Davido’s affair saga with another US model, Anita Brown.

Brown had previously announced that she was pregnant with Davido but later retracted the statement, claiming that her Instagram had been hacked.

However, the American lady has come forward with additional evidence to prove that she is not only in a relationship with Davido, whom she met in Dubai in 2017, but she is also pregnant with him.

But these allegations did not deter Chioma Rowland, who is set to marry at a traditional wedding ceremony in Lagos on Tuesday, June 25, 2024.

Davido confirmed the news via a viral video on Tuesday. The video featured several guests, including Tobi Adegboyega, a Nigerian pastor and founder of the now-defunct Salvation Proclaimers Anointed Church based in London, England.

In the video, Davido told one of the guests, “Come to Nigeria for my wedding.

Social media erupted in celebration with the hashtag #CHIVIDO24, trending at number one in Nigeria. Fans, particularly those who have championed Chioma throughout the relationship, expressed their delight at her “wifey upgrade.”

“Exactly, like, let’s be real here, where is she gonna go????? Cheating or not ??” a fan pointed out.

Another wrote, “Good for her. She’s set for LIFE.”

“She chose to cry in the Rolls Royce. Ikdr! 🙌,” another fan added.

Someone chipped in, “Chioma saw that bag and said she’s blind.”

“Is this the one he’s constantly cheating on?” another questioned.

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