Doja Cat Shocks Fans, Licks Microphone Stand During Live Concert Performance

by Grace Somes
Doja Cat || Image credit: @dojacat

In a manner only Doja Cat could, Doja Cat kept the show going smoothly during a concert in Los Angeles.

Doja Cat, always one to push boundaries, left her audience in awe and excitement at her latest show with a daring move that has sparked widespread discussion.

Well-known for her quirky sense of style and bold on-stage persona, Doja Cat elevated her performance when she licked the microphone stand at the Kiss 108 concert, causing a stir on social media.

Fans quickly recorded this unexpected moment with their smartphones, and within minutes, images and videos were all over social media. The responses were largely positive but varied, with many applauding Doja Cat for her daring and entertaining stage presence.

But that isn’t the only thing they praised the talented rapper for during her time on stage.

When her microphone malfunctioned, the performer was about to give it everything she had on stage, performing the Grammy-winning hit song “Kiss Me More” passionately.

A fan at the Arena concert recorded a video of Doja Cat taking command of the stage while wearing an eye-catching red, yellow, and black jumpsuit. Suddenly, though, the microphone stops working.

She informs the audience that the gadget is broken by shaking it up and down. Doja Cat accepts that she cannot control the situation and dances off it while singing with the audience, choosing not to become angry or leave the stage.

After the chorus, a tour crew member replaces the standout on stage. In a brief exchange, the “Vegas” star grabs the new device and starts rapping the following verse as the crowd cheers even louder.

With unparalleled intensity, the song is finished as though there were never any technical issues in the first place.

Doja Cat is still a mysterious figure in the entertainment business, whether because of her music selections, style choices, or actions while performing live.

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