Cardi B Fires Back At BIA Over Diss Track Feud, Reportedly Threatens To Sue Rapper

by Gee NY
Cardi B and Bia

The hip-hop world is buzzing as Cardi B and BIA officially escalate their rumored feud with the release of BIA’s new diss track, “SUE MEEE?”

The track, which accuses Cardi B of copying BIA’s style, has sparked a whirlwind of reactions online, ranging from praise to ridicule.

In the dynamic world of rap beef, 2024 continues to see new rivalries emerge.

Cardi B and BIA’s conflict has now reached the “on wax” stage, with BIA’s scathing diss track taking center stage.

Fans were quick to weigh in, with many applauding the Massachusetts rapper’s lyrical prowess and flow:

However, some critics argued that BIA could have delivered an even harder hit, while others defended Cardi B or mocked her threat to take legal action.

The beat of “SUE MEEE?” is reminiscent of classic tracks, blending hard-hitting rhythms with personal jabs that have cemented it as a notable entry in this year’s rap battles.

The feud traces back to fans accusing Cardi B of mimicking BIA’s style, a claim that BIA herself has endorsed.

In the world of music, where influence and inspiration often blur the lines, this accusation has divided fans and sparked heated debates.

The tension further intensified when Cardi B seemingly took a swipe at BIA in her verse on the “Wanna Be” remix by GloRilla and Megan Thee Stallion.

BIA’s response on social media suggested she took the jab personally, fueling the flames of their rivalry.

While subliminal disses are nothing new in the rap scene, this particular exchange has captured significant attention, highlighting the often harsh landscape female rappers navigate.

Amid the drama, it was revealed that Cardi B and BIA had a heated phone conversation, during which Cardi allegedly threatened to sue BIA for spreading rumors about her relationship with Offset.

This legal threat has stirred controversy, with some fans feeling it crosses a line in the realm of rap battles.

As the situation develops, all eyes are on Cardi B to see if she will respond with a track of her own.

The stage is set for an epic showdown, proving that the competition for the rap throne isn’t just a game for the guys.

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