‘I’m Speaking Right Now’: Kamala Harris Snaps at Protester During Speech

by Xara Aziz
X @DailyCaller

Vice President Kamala Harris shut down a protester who thought it appropriate to heckle her while delivering a speech at the Michigan Democratic Party Legacy Dinner Saturday evening.

During the event (tickets went for $200 a pop), Harris addressed the violence in Gaza, stating that she hoped for a resolution soon.

A woman then began to scream “It’s genocide,” while Harris was still speaking. Harris then stopped her speech to address the woman: “For the past eight months, President Biden and I have been working every day to bring this conflict — I’m speaking right now. I value and respect your voice, but I’m speaking right now.”

She continued: “It’s time for this war to end,” the Vice President continued. 

According to an AFP report, the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution drafted by the United States supporting a ceasefire plan in Gaza. The drafted resolution comes at the same time Washington is engaged in diplomatic talks to get Hamas to accept the proposal.

Russia abstained from the vote although it still passed with 14 votes. The resolution “welcomes” President Joe Biden’s hostage release plan and truce and pleads that “parties to fully implement its terms without delay and without condition.”

The resolution further urges Israel to approve the ceasefire arrangement and “calls upon Hamas to also accept it.” Since the resolution was drafted, Hamas said that it “welcomes” the vote.

A longtime supporter of Israel, the United States has faced criticism for blocking prior draft resolutions calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

In April, Harris characterized the discussion between Biden and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as “candid and frank,” following her presence during the phone conversation about the Israel-Hamas war.

In an interview with Spectrum News, Harris said, “We will make sure Israel is never left without an ability to defend itself. At the same time, if there are not changes to their approach, it’s very likely we’re going to change our approach.”

In March, Harris called for a six-week pause in the Israel-Hamas war, requesting that Israel increase aid into Palestine while it fights a humanitarian crisis.

Her remarks came on the heels of recommendations from President Joe Biden to come to an agreement and just one day before a scheduled meeting with herself and Benny Gantz, Member of the Israeli Knesset who is involved in war planning. In February, Biden called Israel’s response to Hamas’ attack “over the top.”

Harris condemned the conditions in Gaza, describing the situation as a “humanitarian catastrophe.” This marked her most assertive evaluation to date of the Middle East conflict, which, according to Gazan health authorities, has claimed the lives of over 30,000 Palestinians and pushed the enclave to famine levels.

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