Girl In Viral Drake ‘Pedophile’ Video Stands Up for Him Amid Security Guard Shooting Incident At His Home

by Grace Somes
Tia Owens, Drake and Kendrick Lamar || Image credit: @tiajayed @kendricklamar @champagnepapi

The 23-year-old Drake’s video with 17-year-old Tia Owens was re-released after Kendrick Lamar revealed Drake’s purported relationships with younger women during a rap beef.

The most extensive rap feud in years has seen both Drake and Kendrick Lamar level unfounded accusations at one another, and it has grown more and more personal and nasty. Among them, Lamar suggested Drake had a secret love child, and Drake accused Lamar of physically abusing his partner.

Lamar has been focusing on claims that Drake is a sexual predator in his recent songs. In “Meet the Grahams,” which was released on May 3, he accuses Drake directly of supporting “sex offenders” at his label OVO. Lamar even refers to Drake as a “pervert” because of his purported interest in younger women. “We gotta raise our daughters knowin’ there’s predators like him lurkin’,” he raps in another line.

Soon after, a video of the Canadian rapper kissing an underage girl on stage flooded the Internet.

The video circulating online is from a 2010 Drake performance in Colorado. The girl is brought onstage by the then-23-year-old rapper, who kisses her neck while they dance. Then he stops and declares, “Y’all are going to have me getting carried away once more.” I get into problems for doing things like this.” 

Drake then turned to the girl and asked, “How old are you?” She replied, “17.”

The girl in the video, whose Instagram handle is tiajayed, also addressed the rumors

“Drake’s entourage actually picked me out from the crowd of people… NOT DRAKE himself,” the now 31-year-old claimed. “Both then and now, it was nothing. After dispelling these myths, I’m returning to my studies in preparation for my law school entrance exam. I hope this helps.”

Soon after her coming to clear things out, Drake’s Toronto home was targeted in a drive-by shooting, leaving his security guard wounded and in serious condition at the hospital.

Many speculate that the shooting was fuelled by his ongoing beef with Kendrick Lamar. 

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