Halle Bailey’s Baby Daddy DDG Admits She Knew About His “Petty” Rubi Rose DM

by Grace Somes
Halle Bailey, Rubi Rose and DDG || Image credit: @hallebailey @rubi.rose @DDG

DDG confessed that he texted his ex, Rubi Rose because he was arguing with Halle Bailey, his son’s mother

During an interview with VLAD TV, DDG was asked about his 2023 song “Hard On Myself.” In the single, the YouTuber references texting Rose after getting into an argument with his girlfriend on the track

Rubi Rose shared a screenshot of DDG in her Instagram direct messages last year. She captioned it, ‘Why I’m Single. Halle later came out to accuse her of lying and referred to her as the devil. She and DDG made it appear as if Ruby was lying for attention. 

Now he’s admitting he texted Rubi Rose in Halle’s face during a fight, which makes Halle the liar in the whole situation. 

“I did it in front of her. I had no intention of actually linking with Rubi Rose. She saw it. Imagine you’re arguing with your girl, and you get mad at her for something. ‘I’m finna do this. Watch this,’ type sh*t. I feel like people thought that I was sneakily like, ‘Oh what are you doing?’ and that’s when she posted it,” DDG confessed.

He also added that he suspected Rubi Rose would out him, but she still went ahead with his plan to hurt Halle. 

“I know what type of girl she is. I knew she was going to post. Like, I wouldn’t even expect her to do that. That’s just not like somebody that I could, you know,” DDG continued. “I feel like doing it in front of her is better than trying to sneak. Yes, that’s it. I was literally just trying to piss her off. She pissed me off too.”

According to DDG, the issue spiraled out of control, but luckily, his relationship with the Little Mermaid actress did not end because of his actions. 

“The whole situation was definitely taken out of context. That’s why I’m glad you actually read the lyrics and understood. I told people over and over that it’s not like that.

“But during the whole situation, it was just like I was getting canceled on the internet after the screenshots came out. We were already back cool.”


Phew, all that just to make your girl jealous? 

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