Heroic 18-Year-Old Girl Who Rescued Baby In Tragic Portland Power Line Accident That Claimed Three Lives Speaks

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In a tragic incident in northeast Portland, a fallen power line claimed the lives of three individuals after a branch struck a vehicle, causing a live wire to pose a fatal threat.

The heroic actions of 18-year-old Majiah Washington, who risked her life to rescue a baby from the dangerous scene, have emerged as a beacon of selflessness in the face of a devastating accident.

The incident occurred on the morning of last Wednesday, amidst back-to-back ice storms that had battered Oregon since Saturday, causing widespread damage to trees and power lines across the state.

Majiah Washington, an 18-year-old who works at a daycare, recounted the harrowing events during a news conference on Thursday.

She described waking up to a flash outside her window and soon realizing that an electricity pole had fallen, bringing down a power line onto a vehicle.

Without hesitation, Washington rushed outside and witnessed the baby’s father attempting to place the child back into the vehicle.

Tragically, he slipped and touched the live wire, causing a fire that proved fatal. A woman rushing to check on the baby also suffered a similar fate.

Amid the chaos, Washington found herself on the phone with a 911 operator while a teenager ran past her to assist.

However, the teenager, too, slipped and touched the still-active power line. With her neighbors incapacitated and the situation rapidly unfolding, Washington felt compelled to act.

“I knew I had to do something because the baby started moving,” she explained. Despite the 911 operator’s warnings about the danger, Washington courageously ran to the baby’s rescue. She managed to grab the child, who was still nestled in his father’s arms, without sustaining any injuries herself.

Rick Graves, a spokesperson for Portland Fire and Rescue, commended Washington’s bravery during Thursday’s news conference.

He emphasized the selflessness displayed by the 18-year-old, highlighting that the toddler’s survival was a testament to her heroic act.

“We do have, fortunately with us, a toddler that is going to be able to thrive and do what they possibly can as they move forward, and they’re here in part because of the heroic acts of a member of our community,” Graves stated.

The causes of death for the three individuals involved in the incident are still pending, as the community mourns the loss of lives and reflects on the remarkable courage displayed by a young woman in the face of tragedy.

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