Houston Rapper Says Black Women ‘Aren’t Open to Teamwork,’ Prefers White Women Instead

by Xara Aziz
OnlyFans @saucefather

A Houston rapper is catching heat after comparisons he made about Black women vs. White women.

In a recent interview, Sauce Walka said that he doesn’t like Black women and prefers White women because “they are more open to it being a business relationship and accepts my lifestyle of having multiple women. Black women aren’t open to teamwork and not being the only woman.”

The 32-year-old has been open about his preferences in the past. On his OnlyFans account, he is often seen being caressed by White women who lotion his body.

“I’m rich for real, I got White b*tches who wash my dishes and clean my clothes, and dry my body off when I get out the shower,” he said.

Born Albert Mondane, the rapper further expressed that his distaste for Black women stems from them not being aligned with his views and says he also has a preference for “foreign women.”

He did not hesitate to state that he would engage in sexual relations with a Black woman, he says he just doesn’t see himself dating one.

“I love black women and would f**ck a Black b*tch, but no I wouldn’t date them,” he said, adding that dating White women is a “good business decision,” because more people appear to be interested in his relationship with them. He also insists that Black people don’t appreciate what it takes to work on a team.

On Twitter, users commented on the rapper’s remarks with views of their own.

“Basically. Which is why I’m never phased when BM say they ONLY date WW. I know they’re only like that because they want to live foul & they know BW will fight to hold them to a higher standard. WW are just glad to have their token and will accept anything to keep it,” one user wrote.

“Black women are truly ok with black men that choose not to date us. I want podcasters to stop trying to create this kinda content for outrage and clicks. Ask that man about his music and leave us out of it,” wrote another.

“The initial relationship every black man has with a woman is typically with his black mother. This connection often influences his future relationships with black women throughout his life, until he addresses any lingering trauma that may arise from it.”

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