DJ Reveals She is Pregnant with Nick Cannon’s 12th Child

by Xara Aziz
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A DJ and Instagram influencer who considers herself a “public figure” on the social media platform has announced that she is pregnant with…wait for it…Nick Cannon’s TWELFTH child.

Abby De La Rosa, the woman who is already the mother to the comedian’s twin boys, Zion and Zillion, confirmed that he was the father on her Instagram Story.

“1 night with a Libra can turn into 3-4 years be careful,” read a meme she posted to which she replied, “ damn! lol 1 night turned into 4 years and 3 kids real quick…I see no lies here smh. y’all be safe out there.”

De La Rosa has faced criticisms of her parenting abilities in the past after she acknowledged that she was in a “polyamorous relationship” with the 42-year-old TV show host, who recently bought a house for her and their two-and-a-half children.

“Being in a polyamorous relationship doesn’t mean you have low self-esteem or self-worth,” she said during the Lovers and Friends podcast. “I become hypersensitive when people attack me and my motherhood.”

She continued: “Me being open in my relationship does not change or take away from the type of mother that I am to my kids and the wholeness that I am to them and the strength that I share with them,” adding that she would be okay with her children growing up to follow her footsteps.

She did however say that she would like to be in a monogamous relationship in the future.

“This won’t get me there,” she noted, “but I love where I’m at at this very moment. It’s just not my forever.”

The DJ also announced on her OnlyFans that she was expecting a girl in October; it is unclear whether she has already given birth.

Cannon has yet to confirm whether he is the father to De La Rosa’s child, but he did mention that the “stork” was on the way – which some took to mean he was expecting a child.

One month later, he welcomed his eighth child, Legendary.

Then in September, his ninth child arrived. She was named Onyx.

Later that month, it was announced he fathered a 10th child, named Rise.

Last week, another woman revealed she was pregnant with Cannon’s child, which would be his 11th.

De La Rosa’s pregnancy makes 12 children for the comedian.

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