Jessie Woo Defends Offensive Whitney Houston Joke: ‘I Pushed the Envelope and I Am Proud of Me’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Singer Jessie Woo is defending her joke about late legend Whitney Houston, many have deemed “tasteless.”

During a recent episode of “Wild ‘N Out,” the Haitian-American singer was asked to impersonate Whitney Houston.

“You have reached my line but unfortunately I do not have the time,” she sang, giving a fairly decent impression of Whitney’s trademark vocal runs. “And I… I’m dead,” she said before walking off the stage.

The joke was so offensive — even the audience was shocked.

Then, of course, social media collectively sought her out to gather her up quick, fast and in a hurry.

But Woo thinks her critics are hypocrites.

“Male Comedians and folks on twitter make jokes about Whitney’s battle with drugs still till this day… but me impersonating her during a voicemail game by singing her song & saying ‘I’m dead’ (a great excuse why she cannot come to the phone)… but I went too far?” she wrote.

“The show is called ‘WILD N OUT’ for a reason… and still I was able to say some wild s–t without picking low hanging fruit like her history with drugs… unlike the many comedians who have for decades. I pushed the envelope and I am proud of me.”

Back in June, the singer got into a mini spat with Cardi B after she accused Cardi of wanting smoke with Nicki Minaj from the beginning,

Cardi B famously threw a shoe at Minaj at a Harper’s Bazaar party in September 2018.

“I’ll never forget, years ago – four years ago – I met someone on Cardi’s team, back in 2017. They literally told me, this is something that was told to me – that yeah, putting Cardi out, our goal was to knock Nicki out,” Jessie Woo claimed on social media. “That was the first time I heard that topic. Then not too long later, the whole Nicki and Cardi thing happened. And I remember thinking to myself like, ‘Yo, so-and-so told me that this is what they were trying to do.’ And then you have these two women who just want to be artists, but then you have all these people behind the scenes who are pitting them against each other.”

Cardi hopped in the comments section to shut it down immediately:

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