Karine Jean-Pierre Counters GOP’s ‘Cheap Fake’ Video Of Biden Wandering Around In Front Of World Leaders

by Gee NY

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre vehemently dismissed Republican criticisms on Monday , June 17, 2024, regarding President Joe Biden’s behavior at the G7 Summit.

KJP labeled concerns over a video showing Biden wandering off as “cheap fakes.”

In response to questions from Newsmax’s James Rosen, Jean-Pierre asserted that the video had been widely debunked, including by conservative media outlets.

She clarified that Biden had approached divers to offer a thumbs-up, contrary to misleading interpretations of the footage.

Addressing further queries about Biden’s participation in a Juneteenth concert where he did not dance, Jean-Pierre pushed back, emphasizing that standing and listening to music does not equate to a health issue.

She criticized attempts to scrutinize such moments instead of focusing on Biden’s substantive accomplishments in office.

“I mean look, as I said that was a cheap fake. That was definitely a cheap fake,” the press secretary said. “It was. It was widely fact-checked. That video was widely fact-checked, including by conservative media on what happened, what occurred. The president walked over to give a thumbs up to divers who had just landed right in front of him and if you run that tape a little bit longer, you would see what was happening, what the president was actually doing and it is a cheap fake.”

Rosen persisted, citing polling data on public concerns about Biden’s cognitive fitness.

Jean-Pierre reiterated that the president has a proven track record of delivering for the American people and dismissed claims about his mental capacity as unfounded.

“What I’m saying is, this is a president — look, let’s step back for a second. Instead of, and I said this moments ago, instead of Republicans focusing on the president’s performance in office and what he’s actually been able to accomplish with his actual record, they do these cheap fakes. They are cheap fakes and you’re asking about Meloni, you’re asking me about what happened,” she replied.

Recent polls reflect ongoing debate among voters about Biden’s fitness for office, underscoring partisan divisions on the issue.

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