Keith Lee Puts Taraji P. Henson, BET Production On Blast, Drops Rose: ‘That Wasn’t My Moment’

by Grace Somes
Taraji P Henson and Keith Lee || Image credit: @tarajiphenson @keith_lee125

Keith Lee has reacted with ‘righteous’ outrage to Taraji P Henson mistakingTikToker Jordan Howlett for at the 2024 BET Awards in Los Angeles.

Taraji P. Henson attempted to show love by handing roses to stars in the BET Awards audience on Sunday, only to make several embarrassing mistakes.

In another “embarrassing” exchange, Taraji mistakenly identified food critic and mixed martial artist Keith Lee as YouTuber Jordan Howlett.

‘I got caught up in my own inner monologue; I’m so sorry,’ Taraji P Henson told Keith while acknowledging her mistake.

In a since-deleted TikTok post, Keith dramatically dropped the rose on the ground that Taraji gave him on the BET venue premises as soon as the show ended.

In a recent video, Lee addressed the situation directly, dispelling any rumors of snubs or awkwardness. Lee explained that he intended to reject anything that wasn’t or was originally meant for him.

“I don’t think for one second that Taraji had any ill will or any ill intentions behind the situation. The situation happened the way it did. It is what it is,” Keith Lee began.

He continued, “In the video last night, I had the rose that was given to me in her hand and let it fall on the floor. This had nothing to do with Taraji P. Henson. I wholeheartedly believe that wasn’t my rose.”

“That wasn’t my moment,” Keith Lee added. “It was given to me, but it wasn’t mine. And I always say I don’t want anything that wasn’t mine. I want what’s for me. Nothing less. Nothing more.”

However, the 27-year-old TikTok food influencer said Henson was not to blame and faulted BET for rushing the segment.

“The entire segment on the production side felt extremely rushed. Not only did it feel rushed. It did not feel intentional. It did not feel purposeful.

“…I’m forever thankful for every room that I’m in. I was more than thankful and grateful that I could sit there and enjoy the show.”

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